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2 Compartment 500ML Lunch Box

2 Compartment 500ML Lunch Box

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2 Compartment 500ML Lunch Boxes -  High Quality Non Toxic PP Material

\make it leakproof, Reusable. Enjoy the convenience of 2 compartments with these leakproof, reusable meal prep boxes. They feature an airtight seal to keep the food inside fresh and prevent any smell or mess. The removable plastic bottom tray allows you to pour hot water in before you eat, which helps heat up your meals. From school to work, the food prep containers are great to keep snacks separate and measure out just the right amount at any meal time. Buy this lunch box and enjoy good meals every day!

The compartment of the lunch box is not segregated with each other so liquid food can mix. this lunch box is useful for dry food only.

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